Shifting tech, business models and audiences mean that video producers and companies must embrace branding to survive, and like many career paths these days, technology and the saturation of markets have caused the role of the producer to change.

As part of the transition, anyone determined to make it as a producer must ask themselves: how am I going to stand out and what do I stand for? Who is my audience? How can I engage them?

More recently, the ability to produce content quickly, cheaply, easily and on a variety of platforms means that competition is on the rise and producers are having to think like corporations, too – understanding not just the market but marketing.

Thanks to social media, producers now have the ability to reach their audience directly, without the permission of a studio, production company or distributor. This is where entrepreneurial spirit is a welcome addition to marketing know-how.

In New York, for example, a multimedia video producer, Beatriz Browne uses insightful analytics by audience growth and development and A/B testing to best produce stories for a brand’s targeted audience. She has aided in the growth of startup video teams producing several videos with 37 million+ views, for all types of platforms. She is also producing her first documentary, as details on ABC 7 article, to be released in 2019, and joined ABC Digital as an advisor and producer for Publisher’s Video Production.